Kuma tee 1, Peetri küla, Rae vald, EE-75312 Harjumaa, Estonia


About Us

MALLA is a well-established distributor of electronics and electronic components based in Europe. For more than a decade, we have spread our influence in Europe as a parts trader and have had success acquiring and consolidating stock from smaller brokers in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. This market was in need of a strong leader. At MALLA, we believe that we are much stronger together.

Today, we are experiencing rapid expansion. Globally, customers of all kinds come to MALLA for their production needs and we work very diligently to service our customers. We are a strong leader and we are agile enough to work with both large and small customers. Our location gives us premium access to Tallinn town centre and key ports.

While we specialize in finding parts of all kinds for our customers, we are strongest in finding capacitors and other passive electronic components. Over the years, we have established a strong network of suppliers and we believe in their quality.