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We bring electronic component solutions to life for our customers.

Working with customers large and small, we ensure each and every customer gets expert attention.

What We Do?

Go with MALLA when you need expert distribution.

24/7 Support

We make our team available whenever you need us. You will get regular updates and a daily status so that you’re always aware of your order.

Trustworthy and Secure

MALLA’s laser-focused systems do not compromise. Your privacy is always a top concern and know that you rely on us as a trusted source.

Industry Experience

MALLA team has been in this industry for a very long time. We know the ins and outs and we will always get you the best possible deals.

Moving with the Market

At MALLA, we do our research and stay in tune with the market as it shifts. We know “End of life” parts and we have great relationships with manufacturers to ensure you are always well supplied.

How It All Works

It is very easy to work with MALLA


Tell us your part needs.

Virtually any type of part, we can find for you!


We will research our extensive database.

Our partners are all over the world carrying manufacturer and CM excess.


We will get best pricing and lead time.

We know you need things NOW! We will work with our logistics partners to get you order secured.


We will test.

If needed, we can have your order functionally tested.


We will dispatch!

Once we’ve completed internal quality checks and additional parts verifications, we will dispatch parts immediately.

We are critical path for a number of major industries

Who Are We?

We believe in the power of creative, strategic partnerships.

Our access to the world’s semiconductor resources makes us a valuable partner to your company. We can leverage our volume purchasing to secure deep discounts on a lot of your material. Give us a call or email us today. We always look forward to hearing from our customers and serving their needs.

We source:

  • Capacitors Resistors
  • Connectors Switches/ Relays
  • ICs And More!

Save time and money by choosing the MALLA team.

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, we are strategically located throughout Europe to bring you the customer our greatest value.

At MALLA, we take great pride in procuring the best and finest electronic parts and components for our customers in every industry. It is a wonderful place to work and grow. I am always pleased to support my customers no matter their requirements!